Innovative Thought for Community ActionWe offer: The REST Report, Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Credit Repair, Home Purchases and Recovery after Foreclosure!

“Let Us Fight The Banks For You!”

The Bank Knows Everything About You, But You Know Nothing About The Bank!

Vivre Resolution Group (VRGCARES) specializes in helping you get financial relief and peace of mind by getting you the best possible real estate solution. Unfortunately, a lot of homeowners have wasted time and money on services that did not provide a long term solution for their situation if a solution as all.  However, our team of professionals has an objective to provide our clients with tools and resources that we have had proven success with to lower the high denial rate of loan modifications and short sales for loans that are underwater.  In addition, we provide post purchase as well as pre-purchase educational workshops to help improve the traditional way of purchasing a new home. Our organization also specializes in helping past homeowners get a second chance by offering them an opportunity to purchase a home after experiencing foreclosure, bankruptcy, etc.

When someone is going through financial struggles with their property, our staff understands they also need emotional support and the confidence of knowing they can trust our company.  At Vivre Resolutions Group, our number one priority is the concern for our customers’ well-being. We focus on providing compassionate customer service to meet each client’s needs. We are more than just an organization that shuffles the paperwork for them. We want to build a personal relationship with our clients as they transition to a solution. Our clients know our company as a place they can come to with complete confidence in our abilities to help them with their financial distresses. Vivre Resolution Group is in place to help you financially, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We are authorized to assist homeowners in 50 U.S. States. CONTACT US for a FREE CONSULTATION!  Our staff of caring professionals are anxiously waiting to serve you!



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